Transforming video intelligence with Mirrors -
by Silverpush

Superboost your YouTube campaign with Mirrors AI

Mirrors uses in-video context detection, audio transcripts and performance data to deliver complete brand suitability for your campaigns.

Introducing Mirrors

Discover new videos with pre-defined visual context triggers

Place ads in line with contextually relevant moment

Imagine if your campaign could target against moments

In-video context triggers and precision targeting

Exact moments matter. Mirrors is trained to draw insights from millions of pieces of YouTube videos using AI driven facial and object recognition for accurate ad placement

How does it work?

1. Discover content & detect triggers

Mirrors scans every YouTube video to detect context triggers such as
faces/emotions, logos, objects and scenes/places.

2. Deliver ads in contextual moments

When videos with visual context are detected, Mirrors places an ad with companion banners in line with relevant moments.

3. Resume video

Upon ad completion, the original video resumes and the companion banner ads remain

A Seamless Ad experience

Exclusion by visual context detection = Real brand safety

Mirrors avoids content over-blocking through custom exclusion themes, guided by human validation, that precisely filters out unsafe content.

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